Harry's adventures with the special girls in his life. A collection of one-shots. If anyone wants to take one and develop it further, please ask - the Harry and Ginny are Gagging for it and when an unexpected guest turns up things get hotter and very kinky.

Pure smut. Harry Potter Has a giant throbbing cock, and so do a bunch of other girls in this series of one shots. Read as he subjucates them for his pleasure This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J. Rowling or Warner Bros. All submitted "FanFic" stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent.

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special needs fanfiction

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Hermione blinked widely at the ring he pulled from his coat pocket, as she opened her mouth she spun around to see Narcissa Malfoy standing in the doorway holding a sleepy Scorpius, she looked very elegant in her robes, just by looking without knowing her you could tell they were made from the finest cloth of Black and Green, wearing matching pearls and her hair up in a tight twisted braid chignon.

Yes, I knew Draco, I actually pushed for this match when I saw the possible matches, I told the Wizangamot, I needed to know the final three Women they had possibly paired you with, I needed a stable woman and a loving Mother for you and Scorpius, Merlin forbid you get another one like that last.

She noticed Narcissa seemed to be sizing her up, Hermione stood up not giving her the chance of an advantage. Nice to meet you. Hermione noticed she grinned at this last session. She had noticed Draco glance between Scorpius having his dinner, his Mother, Hermione decided to scrawl quickly the information Narcissa provided, it could come useful for her new role in the future. Draco looked at her as she took the ring from the box and put it on, she played with it a bit and she had allowed him to speak to Mother.

Once his Mother had departed he took Scorp from his high chair and gave him his juice and some peeled apple pieces, putting him in his sensory corner in the living room and Draco sat down, Hermione was sat on the sofa scrawling away. All of a sudden Hermione gasped and jumped up, Draco watched and noticed she ran over to Scorpius, he was having another Seizure.

As Draco relived what they had done within the hour, then within the day, the Dr came to the conclusion that Scorpius had Seizured because of the stress of the day, Draco shook the Doctor's hand and accepted the letter of his attendance, one was also sent to his GP, this letter was just basically saying that Scorpius had another Seizure, his EEG appointment was scheduled tomorrow and they were looking at putting Scorpius on new medication.

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special needs fanfiction

Books Harry Potter. Hermione receives a letter informing her of her upcoming engagement to one Draco L Malfoy, how will she handle this, let alone how will she cope finding out he has a disabled son. Rated T but will be an M. The Lion and The Snake. Once his Mother had departed he took Scorp from his high chair and gave him his juice and some peeled apple pieces, putting him in his sensory corner in the living room and Draco sat down, Hermione was sat on the sofa scrawling away, 'I wonder who she was writing to, maybe her parents or potter, would it be rude to ask?

Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Natasha fell out of dreaming and into waking with a wide-eyed start.

She was laying on her right side in a "small spoon" position with Bruce's arm draped over her middle and his warm presence against her back.

No restraints. No music.

Incest/Taboo Stories

No crack of the rod. She had to remind herself to breathe. Her heart was now pounding, and she willed it and her lungs to match her partner's even rhythm. Yes, Bruce was still sleeping. She lifted her head to focus on the bedside clock. It glowed am.

Not so good. Too early for padding down to the gym. Mehshone mockingly back at her.

Autism and Fanfiction

Now she was too awake to slide back into sleep. Then it clicked in her brain, Bruce was leaving later this morning with Tony for a science and technology conference, so, no, she wasn't going to the gym until later. In fact, this was going to be the first time they'd been apart from each other for more than 24 hours in almost six months.

Add in the time it had taken for the world to settle back down, finding Bruce, and working out the details in restitution for the collateral damage… yes, it had been nine months. After the initial period in hiding, he hadn't been completely off the radar; at that point, she knew he'd wanted to be found.

Banner, I presume," she'd said as she walked into the yard and he'd appeared in the doorway of the small limestone cottage. He'd smiled at her in that shy lopsided way of his, almost like he'd been expecting her.

Romanoff, fancy meeting you here. They stood there for more than a few seconds looking at each other, smiling, not saying anything, as some chickens yes, chickens! She'd been ready to say something wry and sarcastic about bucolic domesticity agreeing with him or maybe about his beard, which was almost as salt-and-pepper gray as his thick curly hair.

That, she noted, was long enough he'd tied it back at the nape of his neck: definitely a different look on him. Again, she checked his hands refolding the towel—they were the most consistent of his tells. His eyes had darted up and down taking in her figure and the bright floral-patterned blouse, neutral utilitarian pants, and walking sandals. No weapons visible. Just a medium travel bag over the shoulder.

He understood the rhetoric of her clothing: no kickass leather, no overly feminine whiles or distractingly blatant cleavage well, maybe a littleand shoes made for moving fast, just in case. They both took in a breath and started to say something at the same time. It took another stuttering jumble of words before she impatiently stepped forward to close the distance between them and laid two fingers on his lips, "Shut up for two seconds, Bruce.

I need to get this out. I did not want to use you or the Other Guy like that. It's… I knew they were going to need us both, and they did, and there was no way to get everyone out unless…". Bruce gently wrapped his fingers around her still extended hand, gripped it in his, and kissed her wrist before turning his head and holding her hand against his cheek. His beard was softer than she'd thought.

When he opened his eyes to look at her, it took all of her training to not inhale sharply or swallow hard or look alarmed. His pupils had gone from their normal deep brown to an unnatural bright green; however, as startling as they had been for a moment, the color was quickly fading into the familiar range of earth tones. I knew leaving was going to hurt you, but I had to go. I needed to get to a better internal place after what happened, and I had to find a way to work things out with the Other Guy.POC: What inspired this study?

I had a high school student approach me about doing a more psychology-based study focused on fanfiction and autism. POC: Were the results surprising? In online fanfiction, you post your stories and readers respond to it in the form of reviews. So, there were many instances where readers with autism would thank the authors for their realistic or sensitive portrayals of autistic characters.

Or, some reviewers would challenge the stereotypical representations that were being used and present alternatives. Others would simply commiserate, saying that they saw their own experiences with autism reflected in the stories. Because of this, the series is appealing both as a fantasy where children may develop magical abilities as they grow up, and as a story of the difficulties of being an outcast—something many young readers likely can understand and relate to.

And this trope—of trying to find acceptance in a world with non-magical and normative expectations—is one that fanfiction writers can draw from in their fanfiction stories about autism. POC: Can the results be extended to other characters? One of the great things about fanfiction is that authors can create their own characters and introduce them into the story world. These are known as Original Characters or OCs. Sherlock Holmes is one popular example of this, as is Hermione Granger.

POC: On a practical level, what does this study mean for families who have a member who has autism?

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Writing and reading these stories can provide an alternative to mainstream representations of autism in popular fiction and media. But often technology is a mediator for crucial forms of social interaction in contemporary society. Young people meet up online, work together to create stories, videos and art, and socialize while they are playing games. This can be a crucial component of socialization and feelings of belonging, especially for young people who may feel less comfortable with in-person social interactions.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. After Sam was injured in a ambush, Dean gave up hunting to take care of his brother. Then they met Castiel, an angel in disguise who works at a local mechanic shop. Sam can't be "fixed.


Dean's left climbing the walls, and he'll do and try anything. Sammy was almost a year and a half the first time he walked, Dean still remembers it clearly, even though he was a small child at the time.

Now, it feels like that time, but a thousand times better. Dean was pretty sure this wasn't what John had meant when he told him to look after his brother, but giving his brother an enema each morning so he could have a little dignity didn't seem that bad a price to pay for saving the world.

special needs fanfiction

Sam's different from other kids his own age and he knows it, but he also knows he's not trapt, he's just. And this is his story of breaking through the walls of autism.

Sam's a different kid, John knows that because he's nothing like Dean was. But he's not disabled. He can't be. But he is and John struggles to come to terms with it.

Sam just wanted to go somewhere where he could test his theory on the treatment for his time whammy. He gets to test it, and a whole lot more than he bargained for as he sees shades of the hunter world in shambles. He protects Dean and Jess from one tiny piece of this even while he continues to heal. Sam couldn't remember the last time he walked on the yellow-green grass. Hell, he couldn't even remember the sensation of his feet touching the grass, or his toes wriggling on the dirt.

It seemed like a decade, when in reality it was only a year. Sam wakes with a groan, disoriented and numb. After a hunt gone bad, Sam is left with severe injuries leaving him unable to ever hunt again. Sam convinces Dean into retirement and they have to learn to live the 'apple pie life' with real jobs and social lives.


It's the summer of Not '12, like AD. Just More specifically, the year 12 PA Post Apocalypse, guys, keep up. And man, Lawrence, Kansas ain't the bustling metropolis it used to be.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Bruce, aimless after abandoning his plans to become a special education teacher, takes an internship at Amnesty Bay Aquatic Zoo.

His life changes forever when he meets the zoo's orphaned merboy. AU where the Batkids are merpeople and Bruce is their human adoptive dad.

Rated for occasional strong language. Clarus is not happy with the king's new stalker. Regis decides to clear things up once and for all. Prompto is called in to translate. After months of rehabilitation in Insomnia, the teenage MT unit now known as Prompto Argentum has been recaptured and imprisoned in his old training facility. The rules, routines, pain, and loneliness are all familiar, but they are no longer the only things he knows. All Bruce Wayne wants to do is get himself and his three youngest children home to their own universe.

Then he finds a barefoot autistic teenager sitting abandoned in a park, and it's not like Bruce can just leave him there. I have despaired of being able to finish The Birds Who Smile properly in the foreseeable future; this is the best I can do.

Rec Toddler would be a tight fit. A reviewer summarized it accurately as Tim writes up a report while high on pain meds, knowing it has Important Information he'll need later, then he wakes up the next morning and it turns out to be all about Trix yogurt. And then they brought in a kid clinging to an injured mer and Dick was 9 years old again and drowning.

Sea shells and all the things he left behind by loosingletters [Fic inspired by Gifts From the Sea where the kids are human and Bruce is a mer. Posted here on Tumblr. Jason and raccoons have a lot in common. Additionally: his so-called family are much bigger pests than the stray animals hanging around his safehouse. Public Bookmark Anna is in wheelchair because Cerebral Palsy quadriplegia with Pdd-Nos.

Elsa is queen of Arendelle when she is 20 years old.

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Olaf is little snowman that Anna and Elsa created when they were kids. Kristoff is Anna's boyfriend and is royal ice harvesters and delivery. Sven is Kristoff's reindeer who is connected to Kristoff's sleigh. Snowgies is creature that Elsa makes by Sneezing. Hans is royal prince but is in prison to by some kill. Duke of Weselton is meanie but wants Arendelle. Oaken is owner of Oaken's trading post and sauna.

Marshmallow is snowmen created by Elsa to protect Anna from bad guys. Trolls are Kristoff's family but not his human family. Kai is servant for the royal family and main servant.

Grand Pabbie is head of the troll's community and smart. Hans' brothers are people who have to watch over Hans. Sitron is horse for the royal family from the southern of isles. Bulda is more like Kristoff's troll mom but not his human mom. Erik and Francis are bodyguards to protect Duke of Weselton. Royal guards are guards from the royal family.

11 Books Featuring Characters On The Autism Spectrum

Wolves are wolfs that break Kristoff's sleigh. Jack Frost is brother to Flee Overland and boyfriend of Elsa. Pitch Black is evil and enemies of guardians. Toothiana is beautiful, elegant, blue, and green iridescent fairy. Sandman is rise of the guardians and works with Jack Frost. Mother Nature is powerful but mysterious being, as well as being daughter of nightmare.

Aster Bunnymund is rise of the Guardian. Nightlight is an enigmatic immortal boy that was once the man in the moon's bodyguard. The man in the moon was the very first guardian. Baby tooth is one of main mini fairies that help guardians. Nicholas St.

North is leader of guardians and the guardians of wonder. Cupcake is really mean but Jack Frost makes her really fun. Nightmares are sinister horse like beings made of black sand. Jamie is a child who strongly believes in the guardians. Yetis are north's worker at the North Pole. Abby the greyhound is Jamie's pet greyhound and was growling at Bunnymund.

Elves are workers for North at North Pole. Sophie Bennett is younger sister of Jamie Bennett. Pippa is one of the characters from the rise of the guardians.